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Updated: September 12, 2016

You don't need to be John Wayne to ride horses! I enjoy teaching very beginners to intermediate level students of all ages to ride. Though I have years of experience in riding and teaching English, I currently teach Western (for pleasure & fun) style of riding. Most importantly, I try to teach my students to enjoy horses as much as I do. I am not a competitive person by nature so I tend to teach in a way that enables students to learn at their own pace. When I feel that they are competent enough, I will take established students on trail rides.

We do not take very beginners on trail rides.

Some of my history with horses

Filly I have been riding since I was 6 years old and got my first horse when I was 12 years old. She was a red roan appaloosa mare named "Filly" (at left) who I had for nearly 18 years. She was an amazing horse who helped teach many people to ride and really helped to get me started as a riding instructor years ago by being one of those horses you could put anyone on. She passed away in 2000 but I have her daughter Sunny who has also been a great school horse along with the rest of our herd. Sunny appears below right, and many of our other horses are pictured through out our web site.Sunny

Though I have shown competitively with my horses I try to teach my students to enjoy the horses as I do, in a non-competitive and relaxed environment. There is no pressure to learn to be a "perfect" rider, just a safe, correct one who has respect for the horse. I prefer to make sure a rider feels balanced. I teach safety with the horses and my students learn to groom and tack-up before they ride and cool the horses out at the end of the lesson. You get a feel for what a horse's personality is like if you spend a bit more time with them when you are not in the saddle. To be more specific, I try to teach students to be responsible with the horses as if they were their own. If any of my students go on to purchase their own horses one day they will have a bit of experience in the basic care of a horse as well as how to ride them.

4HSome of the things I've done competitively with my horses include: showing at the local horse shows and the 4H fair when I was younger. I have won my share of championships on "Filly", my appaloosa. I've ridden both English (hunt-seat and balance seat) and Western (pleasure, gymkhana and reining). Team penning and pace events have been fun too. I have also been fortunate enough to have raised and trained some foals. Raising young horses has been a wonderful experience. Most of the young horses I have raised are part of my lesson program now ... See our "foal page" for pictures.

Training horses is something I am including more and more in my lesson program for more advanced riders. I've helped train student's horses from scratch and helped them to finish their own horses. Though I currently do not have the time to train outside horses.

What you need to take riding lessons from me...

HELMETS: As I teach mainly beginners, I require all riding students to wear helmets! I do have a few helmets for new riders to try but strongly suggest that you purchase your own if you are serious about riding.

All new riders are required to sign a release form before riding.

FOOT WEAR: You need to wear a boot or shoe with a heel that is similar to a work boot or cowboy boot. The reasoning behind this is that with a heeled-shoe, you will not easily get your foot caught in the stirrup like you see in those old westerns! A low heel (NO more then an inch high) is best and any zippers should not be on the inside of your boot so they're not scraping your leg or the saddle while you ride.

JEANS: If you do not own chaps or riding pants then I suggest jeans that are not very baggy. Cowboy cut (boot leg), straight leg or relaxed-fit type jeans are fine.

LESSON RATES as of Septmber 15, 2016:

To my valued students, and (many of you are) dear friends,

With reluctance, I have to announce that lesson rates will be increased to a FLAT RATE of $50/lesson as of September 15th, 2016. They've been at the current level for over 5 years, despite the fact that the cost of feed & shavings has continually gone up. Hay alone has gone up $2/bale over the last year! We still have one of the lowest lesson rates in the area – rates elsewhere run $55- $70+ per private lesson.

Buying lessons by the block saves you money!

We do not require you buy a block of lessons, but if you pay for NO LESS THAN 5 lessons in advance, we will continue to charge the old rate ($45/lesson, or $225 total).

FOR NEW STUDENTS: For your first lesson or two, your lesson will be private, in order to evaluate your skills. Once you can safely ride on your own (off a "lunge line") you will move to a semi-private or group lesson. In either case, the lesson will be $50/hour (unless you pay for a block of lessons). Groups here are rarely-to-never more than 3 riders.

FOR OFFSITE STUDENTS: I teach a limited number of off-property lessons for those that have their own horses. Cost is $50/hour and due to my limited time are only available to students who have taken lesson here beforehand.

We do NOT rent horses to the public. All lessons are by appointment only and are weather permitting.

Gift HorseGIFT CERTIFICATES are always available! If you know someone who may be interested in trying out riding I sell pre-paid gift certificates for 1 hour-long, private riding lessons for $50 each. Please email me for more information. I can send you the gift certificates by mail after you send me a check or you can pick them up here at the farm (by appointment only). They're a great gift idea for birthdays or Christmas presents for that hard to buy for person who has always loved horses, etc.!


LEASES: Select horses are offered for leases for current students who are competent and responsible enough to tack up and ride (walk-trot-canter) on their own. All lease riders are required to sign a lease contract and pay by the month. I require one month's notice to end a lease contract. I am currently looking for new lease riders! Cost for leasing: A 1/4 (quarter) lease is $100/month (for 4 rides per month). Lease rides can not be carried from month to month.

BOARDING: Hurricane Hill Stables is currently full and we are not offering boarding at this time

WORKING STUDENTS: Please apply only if you're interested in a long-term commitment. No exceptions! This is simply because it takes a big commitment from us to safely and correctly train you! ... and we will!

We would like to find some mature, hard working and responsible, horse-obsessed folks (like us) to help with barn chores in exchange for lessons or leases. We are very good to our working students and they will get a lot of on-the-job training as well as lessons (and lease rides as we see fit). Working students need to be mature enough to work without constant supervision and experienced with horses enough to be safe around them unsupervised. It is very helpful if you have your own transportation. Stay-at-home mom's are always welcome! Chores will include but are not limited to: paddock and stall cleaning, watering, bringing horses in or out, cleaning tack and picking rocks from paddocks, assisting with lessons, etc. We try to keep a schedule so you're coming the same days and times every week and have set responsibilities. We encourage those who like to spend their days on a farm to apply. This is a very casual environment (non-competive) and there's always lots to do! Leases will be for experienced (walk-trot-canter) riders only. Email or call for more details.

TEACHING DAYS: are Thursday, Friday and Saturday: I am an artist in addition to teaching riding and therefore do not teach on Monday, Tuesday Wednesday (or Sundays, unless I'm over booked for Thursday, Friday and Saturday).. I try to schedule all riding lessons in advance (as opposed to day-of) whenever possible. Most students have weekly riding lessons on the same day and time slot though I do offer bi-weekly lessons if a slot is available. I am willing to do a trial lesson for anyone who is interested.

WE GO YEAR-ROUND: I teach all year as long as the weather and footing permit. Riding in the winter months can be quite comfortable if you dress appropriately (layers!). I do try to reschedule when possible for weather related cancellations. Otherwise, I require a 24-hour notice for canceling lessons or you are charged for the hour.

Thanks for reading!